About Us

Who the Heck Are We?

Lake Effect Records

We are more than just a record label. Lake Effect Records was created in 1998 and first located in Castleton, VT. In the early days we mainly focused on label and audio services. Mixing and mastering audio tracks and creating web sites set us in the direction to create a company that offers both services to business and artists. Relocating to Glastonbury, CT in 2005 and we added many new services and divisions to the company. Relocating again in 2019 to Stowe, VT. And Again on to Rutland, VT. We now offer remote services all over for a very diverse client base. We look forward to working with you to help your company or idea grow!!

What We Do Today

Today Lake Effect Records offers a broad range of Marketing and Media Services to a diverse client base. Located in Rutland, VT allows us access to a great business environment as well as an amazing outdoor lifestyle. By combining our talents and resources, Lake Effect Records has been able to expand into the company it is today. We offer a wide range of Marketing and Media Services as well as Consultation Services to help set your business apart in today's highly competitive environment.

Sales Pitch

Lake Effect Records is committed to providing the best service and support you can get. Whether you are a Business in need of Marketing or Design Services or just simply a Musician looking to get your music heard, we are here to help you!!

Need a new website that included a connected web app for your clients? Or do you want to refresh your logo and put it on a bunch of promotional items? Or is it that you really want to create a commercial for radio, television, and web that will get your brand noticed? Lake Effect Records can help!! We offer customized design, marketing, and advertising solutions to help get your message to the right audience.

In need of Mixing and Mastering of your latest audio project? Looking for a company that knows the difference between single and multi track audio? Want to make a video that you are actually proud of and want to be seen by thousands of viewers? Tired of being let down by a label who says they are working for you, but not really doing any work? Let Lake Effect Records show you a different kind of model. With our unique approach to business, we can help your company succeed!!

If there is anything we can do for you, Please do not hesitate to contact us at : Info@LERecords.com